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STEM @ West High
Students are immersed in highly engaging, trans-disciplinary problem-based learning in their course of study at West High School which, along with its feeder middle schools, Starling and Westmoor, has adopted a curriculum focused around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, better known as STEM. All teachers and grade-levels at West HS engage in STEM-related projects that promote critical thinking and problem solving.

STEM is a holistic, progressive and powerful approach to teaching and learning which requires teachers to work together, planning cross-curricular projects to educate students, and reflect collectively on the academic progress of each individual student. Standards-based content is taught in all core subject areas to support the rigorous educational objectives of the over-arching project, quarterly.

Rigorous academics prepare students for the challenges of employment and post-secondary education without remediation. Subjects integrated with real-world applications, class projects, career exploration, job shadowing, internships, advanced placement (AP) courses, and college courses are some of the components of the rigorous curriculum. West High School combines tradition and innovation in order to prepare students for the many challenges they will face in the 21st century.